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Monday, 1 August 2011

finally! :)

sangat teruja+hepy mcm dlm pic atas sekarang ni sebab dapat lagu+lirik in english lagii.. :)
best~ klu x sebelum ni mesti layan cerita "boys over flower" je kan..
so no, i hepy+sangat puas hati!
yezzza!!!! so now wat keje pon leh dengar lagu nie.. ;)
tapi i agak x berkenan dengan lirik die ok!
now tgh in love dgn cerita "boys over flower"
omg! something happen to my heart
LOL! ;)


even though i know i just can't let go
all these feeling i have deep in my heart
even if i see, you're not next to me
i don't want to be apart

i count all the memories that we have once shared
keeping them alive within my mind
my heart keeps on longing for you to be near
why can't i leave these thoughts of you behind?

i can no longer control this heart of mine
all this love for you made completely blind
blinded foolishly, i can only see
you are keeping your love for someone else

my heart silently cries the tears from deep within
the pain won't stop so i'll keep it in
only if you can see, the one loving you is me
i'll give you everything that you need

even if i held my hands out and call for you
seems like you're always far away
my heart will slowly stop, and break into two
with a healing scar that will never fade

i try to comfort myself with this one lie
i'll be happy if i can see you smile
even if you do go, my heart cannot let go
cause the tears keep on falling down

i can no longer control this hear of mine
i have gone crazy over this one sided love
can't forget you nor can i make you mine
along waiting for you as days pass by

i must have become ill from missing you so much
my heart can't find its way back to me
only you can cure this
love sickness with just one touch

with your hear please share that love with me
please save all your love for only me

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